What color is your Aura?

In the human being's quest to understand our genetic code, cell structure and overall physical machinery, a similar quest has been launched to understand the energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies. For millennia this energy field has been painted as bright halos surrounding the head or as golden light encasing the body of holy men and women. Today, the energy field is more commonly known as the Aura surrounding a person. What are the colors of your aura? Suppose you could sit with someone who can see the colors and teil you what they are, or better, paint them? Annegret Reichmann is able to see people's auras, and the colors she sees inspires her to paint them, to put on canvas the very personality vibrating into the world. Some colors in auras entwine and mesh, soar and dip in childlike play, while others glow strong, steady and calmly like a warm bath. Some may call the ability to see auras as hogwash, others as mystical. What ever your own feelings toward l, once you've viewed these eclectic and unique paintings of vibrant auras, you may wonder, What Colors are in my Aura?

"People's auras are fascinating landscapes that enhance the positive of the powerful."

--Annegret Reichmann

Jonnetti Bernard