Personal comment of Gina-N:

This painting records the most joyous and transformative energy work I have yet experienced. It is the record of many months of working with Stefanie one on one and uniquely documents a break through into a new place.

In having my aura painted while I was having a healing I got the double whammy of these two very gifted healers and was completely transported in my session. When Stefanie is working with my energyI see colors, I see shapes and movement in my minds (souls) eye. It was a  most delightful and remarkable thing to open my eyes and see, as Annegret turns the canvas to face me, an amazingly accurate representation of what I see internally while Stefanie is clearing and moving energy. The experience is surpri-sing, inspiring and profound.

Thank you to Stefanie and to Annegret, It is a privilege and a joy to grow, to interact and to see the manifestation of these beautiful works the two of you are creating. It is a profound pleasure to participate.

I am delighted.

Gina N.